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19,99 EUR*
Details The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Engine Manual: Volume 1: The Engine BSA C15, B40, B25, B44, B50, Triumph TR25W

This is a new edition of the authors well known earlier work The Rupert Ratio Unit Single Engine Manual. This book is identical to the earlier edition but contains some 20 pages of additional information in total on cam profiles,vertical oil pumps,oil ...

21,70 EUR*
Details Hawaii 5-o, saison 2 [FR Import]

Sprache: Deutsch, Französisch, Englisch Untertitel: Deutsch, Französisch Region: Region 2 (. Diese DVD kann nicht außerhalb Europas sichtbar Mehr Informationen auf DVD / Blu-ray-Formate) .. Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 Anzahl der Discs: 6 Studio: CBS DVD ...

19,90 EUR*
Details Handbuch für Rats- und Ausschussmitglieder in Nordrhein-Westfalen: Kommunalrechtliche Grundlagen

Kommunalrechtliche GrundlagenBroschiertes BuchDas Handbuch für Rats- und Ausschussmitglieder in Nordrhein-Westfalen enthält die kommunalrechtlich relevanten Informationen für die Mandatsausübung von Rats- und Ausschussmitgliedern des Landes Nordrhein ...

28,43 EUR*
Details Information Age Tales: From Adam's Apple to the Apple II and Beyond

Information Age Tales Early in recorded human history, the literacy rate was as low as one percent, and reading materials were available to only the elite. How times have changed! In "Information Age Tales, " author Brad Bradford chronicles these ...

25,20 EUR*
Details IT Success!: Towards a New Model for Information Technology

IT Success! "Fifty years after the birth of corporate computing, IT today is still characterized by 50-70# project failure rates. Which is pretty scary when you come to think of it: either a goblin has cast a spell on a whole profession - or that ...

38,49 EUR*
Details WHILLANS'S TAX TABLES 2004-2005 (Second Edition)

This Finance Act 2004 edition of Whillans's Tax Tables will include provisions from the Finance Act 2004, the new Revenue exchange rates, updated retail price indices together with any other information unavailable for inclusion in the June edition.

14,50 EUR*
Details Känguru Kängurus Skkeleton-Zahn-Gehirn-Baum-Ratten-Felsen

Old Antique Historical Victorian Prints Maps and Historic Fine Art----------. Kangaroo Kangaroos Skkeleton Teeth Brain Tree Rat Rock Antique Print Over . 110 Years Oldfrom. Storehouse Of General Information . . 1891-1893 . Size 12 X 9 Inches ( 305 X ...

9,99 EUR*
Details Collective Intelligence: Mankind's Emerging World in Cyberspace

Collective Intelligence The number of travellers along the information superhighway is increasing at a rate of 10 percent a month. Pierre Levy shows how the exchange of ideas in cyberspace has the potential to liberate us from the social and political ...

13,16 EUR*
Details The Traveller's Pocket Bible: Every Travelling Rule of Thumb at Your Fingertips (Pocket Bibles)

The Traveller's Pocket Bible Designed to help the traveller save time, this pocket-sized book is packed with essential advice from exchange rates, security and transport to food and local phrases, so that all information is easily accessible during ...

13,99 EUR*
Details Gay Men and Substance Abuse: A Basic Guide for Addicts and Those Who Care for Them

Gay Men and Substance Abuse Statistically, the gay male population has a higher rate of substance abuse issues when compared to the general public. This definitive book offers in-depth intervention and treatment information specific to the lifestyle ...

30,63 EUR*
Details Price and Valuation: A Way to Determine the Actual Price of a Company and the Associated Common Stock

Price and Valuation This book is my doctoral dissertation. It has been published here because many people have the desire to read an old-fashioned book and enjoy turning the pages to digest the information at a comfortable rate. The original idea for ...